Funds collected

An outstanding growth

When the Véronic DiCaire Foundation was officially launched on June 8, 2012, it needed a starting contribution and it was $15,000.

Three years later, the total funds collected have reached $300,000. The success of special projects, such as the Véronic DiCaire Open, the Ottawa-Las Vegas chartered flight, fund-raising events by Véronic, as well as numerous donations from friends, fans and sponsors, is indisputable.


As a reference, the four Véronic DiCaire Open were instrumental in providing $213,000 to the Fondation du collège La Cité and $135,000 $ to the Véronic DiCaire Foundation.

The Open is the foremost source of funds for the Foundation, but Véronic’s talents also contribute to special events. For example, the benefit-gala dinner in Geneva, in October 2013, added $70,000 to the Foundation’s funds. Other events will be organized and we will keep you informed.

The Foundation’s finances were professionally managed and monitored by Serge Lavallée, the Véronic DiCaire Foundation administrator, and Pierre Bourdon, from the accounting and auditing firm BDO, that provides pro bono services to the Foundation. Serge Lavallée had this to say: “The last three years can be summarized in a few words ‘Rhéal Leroux is a visionary when it comes to creating events, bringing the funds to $300,000. Véronic’s big dreams to invest in the ‘Francophonie’ are now possible. These achievements would have been impossible without community support.” The VDF offers its thanks to Serge who is leaving his position as administrator of the Foundation. Bravo and congratulations for your dedication and support.